Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property protection gives their owners the exclusive or unique right to use their creations. 

Owners must protect their intellectual property by registering on their names so they can avoid illegal or unauthorized copying and use by third parties.

According to the laws of Cyprus, there are 4 types of intellectual property:


A patent protects new inventions. Before granting a patent, the respective invention has to be brand-new, involve an innovative process, and allow industrial application.


A trademark is intended to distinguish one company’s products and services from others’ products and services. A trademark can be a word, shape, image, sound, color, or any combination of the above.

Industrial design

An industrial design protects the appearance of a product or a part of it.


Copyright is an automatic right that protects, among other things, literary, audiovisual, musical, theatrical, architectural, and other works of art, films, databases, recordings, programs, publications of previously unpublished works, and computer programs.
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